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Members of the Board of Trustees

elizabeth Elizabeth IKhaxas founded the Women's Leadership Centre in 2004, and works as the Executive Director. Her feminist activism dates back to before Namibia's independence in 1990. She is a passionate advocate for the rights of women, with a particular focus on those who are at the margins of society, promoting their voice through writing and other art forms.
leonora joodt Leonora Joodt is a strong advocate for women's empowerment and women's rights. She believes in the importance of women taking up the pen to write about and share their experiences, dreams and aspirations. Her 11 years' experience as a development planner in government allows her to advise on projects, sourcing of funds and planning in general.
sara uises Sara Amushila developed her interest in feminist activism many years ago as a volunteer and member of the management committee of Sister Namibia. She firmly believes that the experiences of women in all their diversity must be acknowledged and their voices heard.  Sara works as a Programme Officer at the Centre for Global Education in Windhoek.
cynthy haihambo Dr. Cynthy Kaliinasho Haihambo shares the passion of equal opportunities and human rights for all. She is involved in many research and community projects in the fields of Inclusive Education, Women in Education, Orphans and Vulnerable Children, HIV and Aids, Gender and Development as well as Early Childhood Development. She is currently a lecturer at the University of Namibia in the Department of Educational Psychology and Inclusive Education where she is involved in teaching and research.
jacqui prince Jacquiline Prince believes that we all have a responsibility toward promoting a culture of human rights in our society. She took a special interest in the rights of women at an early age and volunteered at Rape Crisis, Penduka Women's Co-op Board of Trustees and Women's Solidarity. She is currently the CEO of Labour Investment Holdings and an avid tutor of students.