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Women’s Leadership Centre

The Women’s Leadership Centre is a feminist organisation based in Windhoek, Namibia. Our core activity is to promote women’s writing and other forms of personal and creative expression as a form of resistance to discrimination and oppression embedded in our patriarchal cultures and society, with the aim of developing indigenous feminist activism in Namibia.

Our vision, mission and goals

We envision a society in which all women actively engage in shaping the politics, practices and values of both public and private spaces, based on the knowledge of their full human rights as persons and as citizens.

Latest News

21 September 2021
We, Civil Society Organisations in Namibia, together with regional and international organisations, coalitions and technical experts, are deeply concerned about oil and gas exploratory drilling activities in the Kavango Basin. Most of us have neither...
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18 December 2020
The WLC Community facilitators hosted and facilitated 7 meetings in 7 villages each with the San girls, San women and the community over the past two months on imagining a better world, culture, heritage and on MOVING FROM LATERAL VIOLENCE TO LATERAL...
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17 December 2020
The WLC facilitates the voice and expression of Namibian women through information sharing, research, writing, photography, and the publishing of critical feminist texts that we distribute within Namibian society. In that spirit we just concluded a 2...
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