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Caprivi for Women’s Rights

Caprivi evaluatoin trip April 2011

Though this project the Women's Leadership Centre has trained women in Caprivi Region on their human rights and provided them with research skills in order to interrogate their cultures on issues of gender inequality, violence against women and practices that expose women, young women and girls to the risk of HIV and Aids.

The research findings have been documented in the booklet Violence is not our culture. Women claiming their rights in Caprivi Region, published in English and Silozi, which is now being used as an educational and advocacy tool by women's groups in 17 communities across Caprivi Region. Their aim is to mobilise their communities to resist, challenge and transform the many violent and oppressive cultural practices that contribute to the extremely high prevalence of HIV and Aids among women in this region.

You can download the booklet Violence is not our culture!

For print copies in English and Silozi contact the Women's Leadership Centre.

Violence is not our culture!