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Our vision, mission and goals

We envision a society in which all women actively engage in shaping the politics, practices and values of both public and private spaces, based on the knowledge of their full human rights as persons and as citizens.

Our mission is to provide platforms for the voice and expression of Namibian women and young women, particularly those who are most marginalised, through information-sharing, education and training, research, writing, art, photography, and the publishing of critical feminist texts which we distribute within our society.

Our goals are:

To develop the analytical capacities and voice of Namibian women through training in women’s human rights, research, writing and other forms of creative expression as well as the utilisation of new information technologies and other forms of media;

To conduct research and produce publications that teach women how to engage with the state and the policy making process in order to promote active and informed citizenship among women;

To strengthen feminist leadership potential in women’s organisations and groups, while promoting coalitions and networks between women’s organisations and other civil society organisations;

To support the growth of the feminist movement in Namibia through the provision of spaces and opportunities for women across all our diversities to dialogue and debate our issues, celebrate our achievements and work towards social transformation.

Our Donors

The Women's Leadership Centre is grateful to the following donors, who have provided financial and other support for our work.