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Women Claiming Citizenship

Isabella at party dialogue

This campaign provides a platform for poor women and other marginalised women to engage political parties contesting local and national elections through public forums. In 1999 we produced an advocacy brochure in collaboration with other women's and civil society organisations, and trained women from across Namibia in using this as an educational and advocacy tool in their communities to hold political parties accountable to women and mobilise women to participate in the elections.

Two public forums – Women in Dialogue with Political Parties – were held in Windhoek, which brought leaders from eight of the thirteen political parties contesting the elections face-to-face with more than 150 community and civil society activists and advocates from across the country. All political parties present supported the issues contained in the advocacy brochure. Women testified on their experiences with poverty and harmful cultural practices, while lesbian women and sex workers called for respect for their human rights. A media campaign created broad visibility for women's rights and women's needs and interests as citizens.

Download the advocacy brochure:

Political Parties Take Note! We, the women of Namibia, are equal citizens!