Women's Leadership Centre Projects


Zambezi for Women’s Rights Programme

This programme focuses on developing a feminist critical analysis and leadership to challenge and transform harmful cultural practices in Zambezi Region, north-eastern Namibia. We work for the prevention of violence and high risk of HIV transmission through harmful cultural practices targeting girls and women throughout their life cycle. 

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Speaking for ourselves - Voices of San young women

The indigenous San peoples are the most marginalised and socially excluded group of people in Namibia today. Most San communities are struggling for sheer socio-economic survival, as well as to maintain traditional livelihoods, knowledge, skills, languages, customs, values and histories, and thereby their unique cultural heritage and identities.

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San girls empowerment programme

This programme was purposefully designed to draw from and complement the on-going work of the WLC with San young women in specific communities. Some of the young women from this programme have become mentors for the San Girls’ Empowerment Programme.

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Lesbian empowerment programme

In Namibia, the hate speech articulated in particular against lesbian activists by ruling party leaders in the years 1995 – 2006, led by then state president Nujoma, is still deeply embedded in the psyche of many families of lesbians as well as among political and religious leaders and staff of state service providers. The humanity, dignity and rights of lesbian women become erased through homophobic prejudice and abuse.

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